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In 1983 world cricket witnessed magic and history on the grounds of Turnbridge Wells. To everyone’s surprise, the rank outsiders who had barely won any matches in the last two world cups dethroned the mightiest of all on the big stage.  You can see below the 1983 world cup India vs zimbabwe scorecard here with both team performance details like batting and bowling.  In this blog, we will discuss that what was the important role of the Kapil dev 175 score and how did he achieve this. Kapil dev is also a top-rated caption at that time. If you are searching that who is the best captain in the Indian team then you can read here?

The Score Board Read:
India 266 for 8 (Kapil Dev 175*; Rawson 3-47, Curran 3-65) beat Zimbabwe235 (Curran 73; Madan Lal 3-42) by 31 runs

Yes, this is the story of one of the most magnificent games played in the history of the gentleman’s game. This game wasn’t telecasted anywhere and thus there is no recording. This was the game that no one saw yet no one has forgotten. 

Considering the earlier games of the Indian squad, the match between India and Zimbabwe was not televised. It was a disappointment for the team, especially for the skipper Kapil Dev whose 175 not out left the world in awe. An Indian supporter spectator captured the great innings on his video camera and sold it to Kapil Dev for a hefty amount. 

The match deserved it all in every aspect. It was an amazing one-day match with an unbelievable inning by the Indian Skipper Kapil Dev. This game by him took India to the finals of the World Cup 83 and win it when almost despair-filled Indian Cricket Enthusiasts. 

 A Glimpse of Kapil Dev 175 Scorecard:

On 18 June 1983, the Haryana Hurricane Kapil Dev played an incredible knock of 175 not out of just 138 balls. He hit 16 fours and 6 sixes in his innings smashing the Zimbabwe bowlers to all parts of the ground.  Kapil Dev was in great form and showed the world what was he capable of, surprising the Zimbabwe attack who found it realize what was happening. It was a responsible yet attacking and aggressive knock from the Indian captain. The second-best score was 24 of Syed Kirmani who stitched a partnership with Kapil giving him the strike when Kapil kept scoring quick runs and boundaries. In the end, India racked up 266 and won the match by 31 runs.

India vs Zimbabwe 1983 world Cup Highlights:

india vs zimbabwe 1983 world cup scorecard

Indians Batting Scorecard – 1983 World Cup

Player Name Out Runs Balls Sixes Fours Strike Rate
Sunil Gavaskar lbw b Rawson 0 2 0 0 0
Kris Srikkanth  c Butchart b Curran 0 13 0 0 0
Mohinder Amarnath  c †Houghton b Rawson 5 20 0 1 25
Sandeep Patil  c †Houghton b Curran 1 10 0 0 10
Yashpal Sharma  c †Houghton b Rawson 9 28 0 1 32.14
Kapil Dev (c) not out 175 138 6 16 126.81
Roger Binny lbw b Traicos 22 48 0 2 45.83
Ravi Shastri c Pycroft b Fletcher 1 6 0 0 16.66
Madan Lal  c †Houghton b Curran 17 39 0 1 43.58
Syed Kirmani not out 24 56 0 2 42.85
Extras Runs (w 3, lb 9) 12        
TOTAL 266/ 60 Ovs.  (RR: 4.43)          

Zimbabwe Bowling Scorecard:

Bowlers Name Overs Runs ECON M Wickets
Peter Rawson 12 47 3.91 4 3
Kevin Curran 12 65 5.41 1 3
Iain Butchart 12 38 3.16 2 0
Duncan Fletcher 12 59 4.91 2 1
John Traicos 12 45 3.75 0 1

Neville Ground, Tunbridge Wells was a small stadium, but it saw rush at an amazing level. The crowd from both the teams turned out in heavy numbers and accommodate near the boundary squeezing in between the marquees and hospitality tents.

Zimbabwe lost the toss to India. It’s the fifth loss in a row. As India decided to bat first, the Zimbabwe bowlers knew how to keep the opposition down. Peter Rawson and Kevin Curran made deliveries that were motivated to move the ball sharply off the seam. There was a lot of lift in the field that made rooting for the Indian Cricket Team easier. The openers Gavaskar and Srikkanth both failed miserably and the early fall of wickets reflected in the five top batsmen gone for a mere 17 runs, with Dave Houghton taking three catches behind the stumps.

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The match organizers panicked that this would be a fiasco and over by lunchtime. When spoke to Dave Ellman Brown about the fear, he politely said that things could still change. He believed the game wasn’t yet over, and that later proved true. With the quick fall of wickets, everyone anticipated the victory of Zimbabwe. 

Since Kapil Dev played a flawless game, except at one point where he gave a chance to Grant Paterson on the boundaries and a few miscued strikes that landed in the no man’s land. Other than this, the world witnessed world-class cricket that noon and enjoyed it to the fullest. 

The vital statistics of his innings are 181 minutes, 6 sixes, 16 fours, and a century off 72 balls. 

The mighty Zimbabwe team slumped to 113 for six, in spite of the feedback that the Indian squad did not bowl well as they did at Leicester.  With Butchart and Gerald Peckover, Curran played an awesome game before he was caught out at a petty catch. 

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Zimbabwe Scorecard – 1983 World Cup

Innings of Zimbabwe (Targeted Score: 267 runs from 60 overs)

Player Name Out Runs Balls Sixes Fours Strike Rates
Robin Brown  run out 35 66 0 2 53.03
Grant Paterson  lbw b Binny 23 35 0 4 65.71
Jack Heron  run out 3 8 0 0 37.5
Andy Pycroft  c †Kirmani b Sandhu 6 15 0 0 40
Dave Houghton † lbw b Madan Lal 17 35 0 2 48.57
Duncan Fletcher (c) c Kapil Dev b Amarnath 13 23 0 0 56.52
Kevin Curran  c Shastri b Madan Lal 73 93 0 8 78.49
Iain Butchart  b Binny 18 43 0 1 41.86
Gerald Peckover  c Yashpal Sharma b Madan Lal 14 18 0 0 77.77
Peter Rawson  not out 2 6 0 0 33.33
John Traicos  c & b Kapil Dev 3 7 0 0 42.85
Extras (w 7, nb 4, lb 17)          
TOTAL 235/57 Ovs.  (RR: 4.12)          

Indian Bowling Scorecard:

Bowlers Name Overs Runs ECON M Wickets
Kapil Dev 11 32 2.9 1 1
Balwinder Sandhu 11 44 4 2 1
Roger Binny 11 45 4.09 2 2
Madan Lal 11 42 3.81 2 3
Mohinder Amarnath 12 37 3.08 1 1
Ravi Shastri 1 7 7 0 0

Unfortunately, he misjudged the pace of the long hop and lobbed a child-like catch off the splice. Till Curran was on the ground the Zimbabwe team believed in a fair chance of winning the match. The struggle was real, and they did play well but ended 32 runs short of the victory. Winning this match was always believed to be an easy thing for Zimbabwe. Kapil Dev kissed the ground as the victorious captain. 

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As the fall of wicket started for the Zimbabweans, the innings and the match slipped from their hands in the initial hours itself. They could not move forward with the thought that with the fall of wickets they need to consolidate and start over. Also, they tried dominating which ruined the game for them. 

The Role of Kapil Dev’S 175 Runs in India’s Victory:

1983 world cup Kapil dev 175 scorecard

In a do-or-die match at the Turnbridge Wells Stadium in England, India was facing Zimbabwe in the 1983 World Cup game. India was batting first and the chips were down. The Indian team was 5 down on just 17 runs when the great Kapil Dev came into bat and the rest is history. Kapil Dev smashed 175 not out, playing the greatest ever innings in cricket to take the team to a total of 266. Not only did that innings keep India alive in the tournament but also created an atmosphere in the team making them believe they could win from anywhere if they believe in themselves. The inning became an inspiration and India ended up lifting the World Cup at Lords.

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Records that were created by KAPIL DEV’S 175 Run Innings:

The 175* not out was extraordinary excellence and had made and broken several records in the cricket history book.

Few eye-catching facts about the innings-

  1. Kapil dev’s 175* was the highest score by an Indian in ODIs for 16 years before Saurav Ganguly scored 183 in the 1999 World Cup.
  2. It was the highest score by a batsman in the 1983 World Cup.
  3. Kapil Dev still holds the record for the highest score in ODIs by a batsman batting at no.6 or lower.
  4. 175 not out by Kapil Dev was also the highest score in World Cup matches by an individual until Vivian Richards eclipsed it against Sri Lanka in the 1987 World Cup.

Kapil Dev’s Thoughts On His 175* Has Not Been Recorded:

It is a pity that the greatest innings of all time never got recorded and no highlights are available of the match between India and Zimbabwe today. The match was not on camera because of a nationwide strike by the sole broadcaster BBC back then. Click here to read about the 1983 World Cup Semi-Final Scorecard.

However, what does Kapil Dev think about the fact that his innings never got on camera?

Well, the great Kapil Dev has no regrets that his 175 was not recorded. He said, “I don’t like to criticize people. People say don’t you feel bad it wasn’t recorded, and I always say ‘no’ because it is recorded in my head,” at an event. He is happy for the love he gets from the people and does not bother about the innings not being recorded.

Interesting Facts about Match:

Stadium Name Nevill Gate, Tunbridge Wells, England
Series Name Prudential 1983 World Cup
Year of the Season 1983
Toss Details:  India won the toss and elected to bat first
Player Of The Match Kapildev Ramlal Nikhanj
Result of the Series  India won by 31 runs
Match Number ODI 226
Umpires Name Mervyn John Kitchen, Barrie John Meyer
Match Overs 60

Even after Kapil’s record innings, Zimbabwe believed they had their fair chance to win. It’s just they failed to pace their innings adequately due to their inexperience and fell behind the required run rate. To add to their disappointment they lost wickets at the worst time. It was a watershed moment for India, as if they had lost to Zimbabwe, they would almost probably not have advanced to the semi-finals. Fortunately, the team’s efforts reflected well and they went on to win the tournament, surprising the overconfident West Indies in the final.

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