Mr. Mayank Tater 18, Aug 2022

Cricket is huge in India with crores of passionate cricket fans. People who love the game, like to make predictions and play fantasy cricket to test their predictions. It not only brings more context and engagement to the cricket matches but also changes many lives for the good. Well then, if you are wondering  what are the best top 5 cricket prediction apps? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Best Cricket Prediction Apps List

1. Probo

Probo is one of the most famous prediction applications in India. It allows users to share their opinions about future events and make money if their predictions turn out to be correct. There are no open-ended questions instead most questions have a straightforward answer- a yes or a no. Users take positions according to their analysis, and the outcome of the event determines if you make or lose cash.

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It is simple to start predicting on Probo. You can download the application from their website and install it. Once you sign-up, 20 rupees are added to your wallet and you can start taking positions with that money.

Official site:-

It is not only the best cricket prediction app but also allows users to predict about finance, business, events, stocks, crypto, etc.

2. Rooter

Rooter App which is famous for gaming, live streams, esports, and interactions is also a cricket prediction app. You can make predictions in a cricket match and if your prediction comes true you get coins that can be redeemed for real cash. Rooter has over 20 million users, playing, interacting, and earning from predictions.

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3. Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro is a fantasy sports/gaming platform that has 10 million plus verified users. In the app, the user is given certain questions for a given match which the user can predict, if the outcome is correct the user gets positive points while negative points for the wrong answers. If you sign-up using a referral code you get a rs.100 welcome bonus which you can use to play the game.

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4. Zingura Play

Zingura Play is a predict and win game. Here, you don’t need to create any team like the fantasy apps, in fact, the user just needs to choose a team and bid or predict the score, and win real cash. In the application, there is a virtual currency called ‘Zings’ that is used to make predictions/ bids.

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5. Tenner

Tenner is another amazing free-to-play sports prediction game that allows users to win cash prizes by answering questions correctly. The user can choose a sports match to predict, answer 5 questions about the match, and win cash prizes with correct predictions. The users who top the leaderboard win exciting prizes.

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If you are someone who understands the game in and out, then these are the best prediction apps for you. You can earn good money by analyzing the match situation, pitch conditions, etc correctly.