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#CricketseCrypto: CrypTech Sixer Changes the Game in the Fantasy Cricket Arena

Who doesn’t enjoy taking chances on fantasy cricket apps? In the past few years, fantasy sports have become more popular than the actual game. Are you tired of the traditional ways of fantasy cricket and looking for something that adds to the adventure? Well, relax, you need not look further!

Enjoy the best user experience, exciting daily contests, a user-friendly layout, live score updates, 24×7 customer service, large cash awards, a handsome welcome bonus, fast withdrawal, and much more with us.

Play with CrypTech Sixer, India’s most trusted and credible fantasy cricket application that lets you use your cryptocurrency.


We let you make transactions via cryptocurrency that makes our fantasy app 100% safe.

How Can I Start Playing CrypTech Sixer?

Any fantasy cricket puts your knowledge, analytical capabilities, and decision-making abilities to the test. It’s really easy to play fantasy cricket on CrypTech Sixer. Choose a tournament that is due, build a virtual fantasy team of your favorite players and participate in the contest.

The better your fantasy team scores, the higher your chances of winning and earning more money. You would win reward points during the match that could easily be transferred to your crypto wallet or bank account.

Where Can I Download CrypTech Sixer Fantasy App?

You can download a fantasy cricket app by simply clicking on the link here. If this is the first time that you are playing online fantasy cricket leagues such as the Indian T20 League and the T20 World Cup, then our experts would suggest that you start with some interesting free games that would give you experience and help you have an understanding of the gaming skills.

Once you have developed confidence to play these games you can enter paid competitions and the league would help you earn some great amount.

Playing league games here is fun. If you are looking forward to starting the best fantasy cricket app, then simply download CrypTech Sixer on your smartphone today.

Why Should You Play Fantasy Cricket?

Playing fantasy cricket is always fun. There are a lot of fun reasons to enjoy playing fantasy sports.

A Big No to Dull Games

Cricket in some of the formats is quite lengthy and tedious most of the time. However, if you build your own fantasy cricket team, you would indulge in the game more to check the performances of the players and choose great profits.

Bring Cricket Knowledge to Win Real Cash

Fantasy cricket games on the CrypTech Sixer application offer you a platform that makes the best of your cricket knowledge and helps you earn great profits. As you have made a team, the win would help you earn great rewards in a limited time.

It’s YOUR Team

Since you have chosen your team, you’d be the manager of the team. You’ve built a team that would help you top the charts in the market. It would be amazing if the players you have picked helped you win some cash. It is similar to having your own IPL team

What Are the Top Benefits of Playing with a Fantasy Cricket Team?

The fantasy cricket application we are bringing to you would offer an exhilarating experience to the players around the country. The easy-to-use design of CrypTech Sixer affirms a smooth gaming experience. A basic and easy-to-use lobby that allows you to quickly find and join matches.

No matter if you are new to playing fantasy cricket or an experienced veteran, CrypTech Sixer is the right solution for you. Gaming on CrypTech is simple and quick, no matter what mode of entertainment you interact with on the web or on the mobile app. The gaming application team has created the quickest and smoothest fantasy app! The following are some of the wonderful features of the CrypTech Sixer Application:

  • The time to load is nil.
  • It only takes up a small amount of storage space.
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • For ease of navigation, a detailed yet basic lobby is provided.
  • Play Matches in Real-Time
  • Matches are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The interface that is easy to use
  • Playing is completely safe and secure
  • Matches in Real-Time

Once you’ve made your decision, save your team and you’re ready to go. Starting points are assigned to each player after his or her membership in the team is announced. You should select players that you believe will provide the most points on any given day. Win real money with the cricket app!

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How to Download CrypTech Sixer Application?

Due to some little limitations with the rules of the play stores, downloading the application would need a well-defined source. So, you can download the application in the defined ways:

Download CrypTech Sixer Fantasy App for free on your smartphones today. All you need to do is simply click the links here on Android or iOS and start enjoying the game.

You can simply give a missed call to the number: XYZ and get a download link via SMS to install the application on your mobile phone and enjoy the game.

The game is fun to use and you would love how easy it is to enjoy your games here. Our fantasy cricket app developers have worked on a solution that is fun to play and enjoy.

How to Play the Fantasy Cricket Application?

The CrypTech Sixer fantasy cricket app offers the users to enter the fantasy cricket domain and enjoy it without much hussle. The application has made itself a place in the world fantasy arena with an impressive user experience that is superior to most other competitors in the market and a design that appeals to users of all ages.

If this is the first time you are playing fantasy cricket, here’s everything you need to know.

Once you have downloaded the application, work on building your cricket fantasy team. Here’s how the complete thing functions:

Choose the Tournament As you login to the application, you would be shown the running tournaments and the schedule of the games. Choose the games you want to participate in.

Build Your Team Once you have chosen the game you want to participate in, the next in line is building a team of your favorite players from the teams that are playing in the game.

Earn as They Play As the players in your dream team perform, you get rewards. Cash out these rewards, invest in the next game and see your money grow.

You can win real money here! Ready for some action?

Download CrypTech Sixer Today and Turn to a Fantasy Cricket Expert