The concept of Fantasy Cricket is simple, where you pick a team of players from the list of players playing the tournament. As the selected players perform in the real-life game, you earn rewards from the application. 

Playing a game on CrypTech Sixer is very easy. You need to simply download the application, create a team of your favorite players that are participating in the tournament and then simply earn rewards as they score. 

You can also invest and earn in Cryptocurrency with our application.

Well, the distinctive feature of the application is it accepts exchanges in the form of Cryptocurrency. This makes the tech enthusiasts invest with us and help you earn the best.  

Crypto journey in India has a roller coaster ride and is safe, and secure to operate.

Yes. As stated by the honorable courts of India, fantasy cricket is a game of skill and thus completely legal.

Indian Premier League T20 was launched by BCCI in the year 2008 on the model of National Football League and Major Baseball Leagues. This year the tournament has 10 teams participating for the trophy. It gives a chance to the young cricketers around the world to showcase their talent and learn from the experts. 

There is one groundbreaking change. While other apps allow you to pay through net banking or e-wallets, you can use cryptocurrencies to pay in CrypTech Sixer which provides you added security.

Playing with CrypTech Sixer is really easy. Simply download the application, create your team, mark your guess and enjoy as you grow better. 

Yes. You can surely add cash on CrypTech Sixer using your digital wallet. 

Yes. Not just the practice matches, to better yourself you can first join the free league matches, enjoy and as you become an expert in these further join the paid league matches that would help you make some profits.