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Tattoos have become increasingly popular among modern-day celebrities, including Hardik Pandya. Hardik Pandya has established himself as one of the most electrifying young talents in Indian cricket. As he continues to prove himself in the cricket game, it’s only natural that more and more fans take an interest in his off-field persona, and Hardik Pandya’s tattoos are an undeniable part of his persona, very special to him, and have their own meanings. However, with over 10 tattoos adorning his body (and more on the way!), it can be hard to keep track of which ones mean what, and what those meanings represent to Hardik Pandya himself.

As for Hardik’s tattoos, he is quite fond of them:

Like many modern-day cricketers, Hardik is also really fond of tattoos and has a lot of stuff inked on his body. He has the phrase ‘live to succeed or die trying’ on his left arm biceps while ‘never give up’ is written on his right arm biceps. He has also inked the word ‘Believe’ on his left arm and also has a tiger tattoo on his left upper arm representing strength and courage. 

He also has a paw tattoo for his dogs Aston Pandya and Bentley Pandya and finally, he also has a peace symbol on his neck.

Let’s find out the meaning of famous Hardik Pandya’s tattoos:

In fact, he has a huge collection of tattoos—each one meaning something different. Here’s a look at his top ten tattoos: 

1. Hardik Pandya Neck (right side) tattoo of a paw

Hardik Pandya Neck (right side) tattoo of a paw

This Hardik Pandya tattoo on his neck is a representation of his pet dog. It’s also said to be a dedication to his loving mother, who was killed in an accident.

2. Hardik Neck (left side): Peace symbol

Hardik Neck (left side): Peace symbol

Hardik Pandya’s tattoo on his neck means “peace symbol” During a recent interview, all-rounder Hardik Pandya revealed. If there’s one thing that we can all appreciate about Hardik, it’s his ability to strike a momentary truce with anybody. Even when there’s not a lot of love lost between two people, he has managed to achieve armistice, whether on or off the field.

3. Believe Tattoo

Believe Tattoo

On his chest, Pandya has ‘Believe’ tattooed in a capital font. The tattoo is located at heart level on his chest, making it one of his most visible tattoos. The Believe tattoo is an important part of Hardik’s life as he believes in himself and his abilities as a cricketer. Hardik also believes that anyone can achieve anything they want to achieve if they are dedicated to their goals and passion.

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4. Hardik Tiger Tattoo

Hardik Tiger Tattoo

A tiger is a strong symbol of power. It’s also one of Hardik’s favorite animals. So it stands to reason that he chose one as his first tattoo. Also, his number on India’s cricket team is 23—the same number as Munaf Patel, whose playing style Hardik tried to emulate growing up. This is an expression of his love for cricket, and his goal to live up to Patel’s legacy.

5. “Live to Succeed or Die Trying” tattoo

“Live to Succeed or Die Trying" tattoo

Hardik’s first tattoo says “Live to succeed or Die Trying,” which is quite an inspiring phrase. A lot of people in our lives tell us to take it easy, but sometimes we have to do our own thing; even if it might not be exactly what they had in mind for us.

6. “Never Give Up” tattoo on the right arm

"Never Give Up" tattoo on the right arm

This tattoo was inspired by Hardik’s father. Through thick and thin, he has always stood with him. When Hardik suffered a groin injury, his father supported him, giving him the confidence to overcome it. The never Give Up tattoo on his arm is symbolic of his dad’s never-give-up attitude that he wants to pass on to others as well.

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7. Clock That Defines Time

Clock That Defines Time

Hardik’s left forearm is tattooed with a clock that contains his birth time.

8. Right forearm tattoo

Right forearm tattoo

Since Hardik has a small, circular tattoo on his right forearm, it’s safe to assume that it means something special to him. Maybe Hardik got it as a reminder to keep working hard and don’t be afraid of any challenges ahead?

9. A tattoo with an abstract design

A tattoo with an abstract design

Hardik has a tattoo on his chest, with an abstract design. According to Hardik, he likes to get tattoos that are symbolic to him. He is a tattoo lover. His other tattoos also have special meanings that are personal to him. In most of his tattoos, he has incorporated his family’s name Pandya and his name Hardik. He wants to keep it private what each of them means.

10. A new tattoo honors Hardik’s son

A new tattoo honors Hardik's son

In honor of his son, the cricketer has inked a new tattoo. Hardik posted a photo of his tattoo which shows a picture of his father’s hand to the son and a tattoo of him holding it, which embodies the father-son relationship between them.

Natasha Pandya reacts to Hardik Pandya’s tattoo about a special date. Tattoo also contained the birth date of his son, Agastya Pandya. Hardik will cherish his first fatherhood day forever as it is undoubtedly one of the biggest occasions of his life. “30.07.2020 ” reads the caption of the post, meaning that the date is of utmost importance to him.

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We have been seeing a lot of Hardik Pandya tattoos on his arms, chest, stomach, back, etc. Even some of them are mysterious to us. Hence, today we have discussed the top ten Hardik Pandya tattoos with their meanings. When new tattoos appear in the future, we will update the site, so be sure to return.