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The orange cap, which rewards the player who scores the most runs during the IPL season, can be won by only one person at the end of each IPL season. In the previous three seasons, Jos Buttler with 824 runs scored the highest run total in this Tata IPL season 2022. Virat Kohli had the highest run 973 during the season IPL 2016.

Orange Cap Winners ipl 2022

But who are the other contenders for this award? Here’s our list of the top 10 batsmen who have the highest run aggregate in IPL 2022 so far.

Why is it called “Orange Cap”?

A cricketer who makes their highest run total is awarded an orange cap. It was first introduced in IPL 2008, a week after the inaugural ceremony of the first ever IPL and everyone loved it so much that BCCI decided to continue with it for next editions too.

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Top 10 Highest Run-Getters in IPL 2022

Player & (Team) Runs Ave. High Score
Jos Buttler (RR) 863 57.53 116
KL Rahul (LSG) 616 51.33 103*
Q de Kock (LSG) 508 36.28 140*
Hardik Pandya (GT) 487 44.27 87*
Shubman Gill (GT) 483 34.5 96
David Miller (GT) 481 68.71 94*
F du Plessis (RCB) 468 31.2 96
Shikhar Dhawan (PBKS) 460 38.33 88*
Sanju Samson (RR) 458 28.62 55
Deepak Hooda (LSG) 451 32.21 59

1. Jos Buttler (RR) 863 Runs –

Jos Buttler

2. KL Rahul (LSG) 616 Runs

KL Rahul

3. Q de Kock (LSG) 508 Runs

Q de Kock

4. Hardik Pandya (GT) 487 Runs

Hardik Pandya

5. Shubman Gill (GT) 483 Runs

Shubman Gill

6. David Miller (GT) 481 Runs

David Miller

7. F du Plessis (RCB) 468 Runs

F du Plessis

8. Shikhar Dhawan (PBKS) 460 Runs

Shikhar Dhawan

9. Sanju Samson (RR) 458 Runs

Sanju Samson

10. Deepak Hooda (LSG) 451 Runs

Deepak Hooda

So that was all about the race to orange cap in ipl 2022. Hope you enjoyed reading our blogs on highest runs in ipl 2022. We always try to keep adding something new to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the cricket world.

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