Cancellation & Refund Policy:

The Cancellation & Refund Policy Shared by CrypTech Sixer Fantasy Private Limited.  governs cancellation & refunds for any additions to or transactions performed by users of the CrypTech Sixer platform. The following terms shall apply in the event of any inquiries regarding cancellation & refunds of any kind of amounts made through our fantasy cricket app.


If a user deposits money into his or her CrypTech Sixer wallet, that money cannot be withdrawn at the user’s request. The additional funds may only be used to enter contests held on the platform or to use the services provided by the CrypTech Sixer Fantasy Private Limited.


Users who conduct transactions through the CrypTech Sixer app are not permitted to cancel their transactions at any time.

If there are some unavoidable circumstances, CrypTech Sixer may, in its only discretion, allow a user to cancel a transaction and receive a cancellation & refund, provided that the user first submits a written request to the CrypTech Sixer team.


Any player wishing to withdraw from and receive a cancellation & refund for their participation in any of the paid competitions run by the CrypTech Sixer Application may only do so by requesting in writing at least two days before the commencement of the competition round. After that, our platform will not respond to any requests.


After deducting any applicable cancellation fees and taxes, CrypTech Sixer has the full right to reimburse the transaction amount to the user in the aforementioned scenario.


Users should be aware of any extra terms and conditions listed on the CrypTech Sixer platform that apply during the transaction process for any cancellation & refund authorized by the platform. In the event of a discrepancy between the current Terms and Conditions set forth by the platform and the Additional Terms & Conditions connected to payments, the Additional Terms & Conditions related to transactions shall govern.


The amount used by the user to enter a contest on the platform will be the sole amount eligible for a cancellation & refund, which will be made to the CrypTech Sixer account wallet source.

The user’s CrypTech Sixer account wallet source will get the reimbursement, which is only applicable to the money utilised by the user to enter any contest on the site.