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Rohit Sharma’s captaincy records are most popular on the Indian cricket team if we see any of them like ODI, Test, IPL, or T20. Rohit Superhitman Sharma is the present no.1 cricketer and captain of India in all the 3 formats. Rohit was named the full-time test captain of India in February 2022 before the Srilanka series, after becoming the full-time white-ball captain late last year. 

Rohit is someone who is always believed to have good leadership skills and a great understanding of the game. He is wise in his bowling decisions, fielding changes, and picking 11 players. Through his experience of 400 international games as of today, he brings a lot to the table as a captain and leader. In this blog, we are going to share Rohit Sharma’s Captaincy Records. Rohit Sharma is also famous for his captaincy. If you want to know Who is the best captain in the Indian team then you can explore it here.

He has always proved his caliber and mettle as a successful leader and his IPL records speak for it.

Rohit Sharma’s t20 Captaincy Records:

Statistics Record
Matches played 28
Won 24
Match Losses 4
Tied 0
No results 0
Winning Percentage


Rohit Sharma’s captaincy records in t20 international are incredible. Rohit has done well as a standing captain for Virat Kohli in several T20Is before. Rohit first captained India in 2017 against Srilanka and won the series 3-nil. 

He replaced Virat as the full-time captain of T20 international cricket after the 2021 T20 World Cup.

“Rohit is a very able captain and very, very tactically sound. We’ve seen that in the games that he’s captained for India and in the IPL as well. So and along with Rahul Bhai, who is a very, very balanced coach, great man manager, both of them will have my absolute support and contribution in whatever vision they set for the team.”- Virat Kohli

 Since then, India has won every T20I played under Rohit. His first assignment as a captain was a home series of 3 T20Is against the World Cup finalists New Zealand. Rohit led India to a comfortable 3-0 series win over the Kiwis and also performed with the bat with the scores 56, 55, and 48. 

It was followed by a series against the West Indies which also India won easily with a scoreline of 3-0 in the favour of the Men in Blue. Rohit’s latest assignment as India T20I captain was against Srilanka which again was conquered by 3-0. 

Rohit has won 24 matches out of 28 he has captained till now and has a more than impressive winning percentage of 85.71%. He has lost only one series as India captain way back in 2019 against New Zealand. Rohit will now be leading India in T20 World Cup later this year and everyone expects India to at least reach the finals or semi-finals.

“A cheetah’s speed, a falcon’s gaze, and Rohit’s captaincy are the three things you should never doubt. They can withstand any test.”- Virender Sehwag

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Rohit Sharma’s ODI Captaincy Records:

Statistics Record
Match played 13
Won 11
Losses 2
Tied 0
No Results 0
Win % 84.61

Rohit Sharma has incredible stats as an ODI batsman and is considered a legend in ODI cricket. ODI captaincy records of Rohit Sharma are outstanding. He is the only person on the planet to score 3 double centuries in ODI cricket. However, he’s relatively new as an ODI captain compared to T20Is. He’s captained just 13 ODI games for India till now winning 11 of them. His current winning percentage stands at 84.61 percent. 

The highlight of his ODI captaincy is that he won an Asia cup trophy as India’s ODI captain in 2018 standing in for Virat Kohli. Rohit Sharma’s ODI captaincy record is so incredible. 

In all likelihood, Rohit will be leading India in an ICC World Cup at home next year. It will be a major challenge as far as ODIs are concerned as there is not much ODI cricket happening before that. 

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Rohit Sharma’s Captaincy Records in Test Cricket:













If we see Rohit Sharma’s records in Test cricket then we can say there is nobody who can beat him. Rohit Sharma became the 35th Indian to lead India in test match cricket earlier this year. Till now Rohit has played only 2 tests as an Indian skipper. His record is 100 % as he ensured a 2-0 series victory over Srilanka.

India defeated Srilanka by an innings and 222 runs in the first test and by 238 runs in the 2nd test. With that Rohit also won his first series as test captain. India is placed at 3rd position in the WTC table and would require to win at least 6 out of 7 remaining tests to qualify for the ICC world Test championship final.

Rohit Sharma’s IPL Captaincy Records:

Statistics Record








No Results


Win %


Records of Rohit Sharma in IPL are so incredible. Well, Rohit Sharma’s IPL captaincy record is insane of course. The Mumbai-born cricketer has led the Mumbai Indians franchise to 5 IPL titles and is the most successful IPL captain. Captain marvelous has taken Mumbai Indians to a whole new level after 2012 courtesy of some great leadership shown by him. 

“Assuming captaincy of Mumbai Indians was perhaps one of the best things that happened to my career. The best part was the smoothness of the transition.”- Rohit Sharma 

In the 143 matches, he has captained so far in the IPL, he has secured 79 wins, 60 losses, and 4  matches have been tied with a win percentage of 56.64 %.

Apart from IPL, Rohit also won the Champions League 2013 as the captain of Mumbai Indians.

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Captain Marvelous:

Rohit is rightly known as captain marvelous given the achievements he’s had over the years. Now, being the India captain he is the most important cricketer in the country and all eyes are always on him.

Rohit and coach Rahul Dravid are the leadership group that will take Indian cricket forward and we can have high expectations from them.

Rohit Sharma ICC Rankings:

Let’s see the ICC ranking of Rohit Sharma which makes him one of the most popular Indian cricket batsmen.

Rohit Sharma ICC Ranking in Test 8
Rohit Sharma ICC Ranking in ODI 4
Rohit Sharma ICC Ranking in T20 14

Rohit Sharma Man of the Match Awards List:

Rohit Sharma won several man-of-the-match awards which we listed here.

Rohit Sharma Man Of The Match In Test  4
Rohit Sharma Man Of The Match In ODI  21
Rohit Sharma Man Of The Match In World Cup  5
Rohit Sharma Man Of The Match In T20  10
Rohit Sharma Man Of The Match In IPL  18
Rohit Sharma Man Of The Match In Champions League  1

Rohit Sharma Man of the series: 9

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