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Are you a big fan of cricket? Do you find yourself constantly checking for the latest updates on match scores and player stats? Fantasy Cricket takes this passion and turns it into a real game with real-life stakes! The Fantasy Cricket Application feature gives users an interactive environment in which they can draft players from teams around the world and track their performance. We’ve covered some of the app’s most impressive features below, so if you want to give it a shot, or if you want to wow your friends with your knowledge of the game, read on! (And don’t forget to share this post!)

In this article, we’ll take you through the top 10 features of Fantasy Cricket, one of the most popular cricket games in India. There are plenty of fantasy cricket applications out there, but none of them have the top 10 features we’ve outlined in this article.

List of Top 10 Features of the Fantasy Cricket Application That You Should Know

(1) Easy Sign-Up Process

Downloading and signing up for an app is often a frustrating experience. Make sure that your sign-up process is as smooth as possible, by ensuring a few things. First, make it as simple as possible to start playing fantasy cricket. When someone clicks on your link and they’re greeted with a sign-up form, they’ll probably hit back in frustration because that’s not what they want—they want to play! So make it easy to sign in with G+, Facebook, etc.

(2) Information about players and teams

You won’t be able to get enough information about players and teams. Whether you watch every game or just follow your favorite team, there is information available for each league and sport. Don’t stop at sports sites either – try your local newspaper for articles and team schedules, as well as other online sources like magazines and websites with updates on individual teams.

(3) Information about the playing XI

Once you’ve got your lineup in place, make sure you know all about your players. Watch out for injuries and check team news before each match so that you can make smart decisions when it’s time to pick players. Statistics are important, but they’re only one piece of the puzzle; they’ll help you decide which batsman will be playing on a particular pitch or whether a quick bowler is likely to get wickets.

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(4) 100% safe and secure transactions

No matter how good a player is, they don’t get any points for scoring runs if they don’t finish their innings. We strive to keep our transactions safe and secure at all times in order for you to enjoy playing in full confidence that your money is always secure and protected. All dealings are processed through Amazon Web Services (AWS) using end-to-end encryption, so you can rest assured that your data and private information is stored with strict privacy safeguards.

(5) A Blockchain-Based Secured Platform

Let’s take a look at how we can take fantasy cricket to a whole new level with blockchain technology. Blockchain, in simple terms, is just a database that is securely shared among multiple nodes. In our case, a blockchain-based platform is considered more secure.

(6) Instantly withdraw the number of your winnings.

Your winnings are instantly deposited into your Paytm/PayPal account or bank account. This way, you don’t have to wait for weeks on end for your winnings from a pool game.

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(7) Update Status Of Each Player While Watching The Match Live

One of the most important features you will be using while playing fantasy cricket is Update status. This feature allows you to update statuses for all players during a match live. You will be able to see how many runs each player has scored and also check their averages on their profile. This feature helps in monitoring your team members and lets you know which ones are doing well and which ones are not up-to-the-mark with their performance.

(8) Real-time score updates

Don’t want to wait until game time? That’s no problem with our application. Real-time updates keep you on top of every single play, so you don’t miss a beat! And if your game is interrupted due to work or other obligations, don’t worry; we have push notifications that will inform you when it’s time for more action. 

(9) Fast and smooth & easy-to-use interface

When you first log into your account, Want it to be as fast and smooth as possible. Because even if you are a frequent fantasy player, waiting for 20 seconds every time you go to check your team can get annoying. So make sure that when you go on-site or app, it opens up instantly and allows you access to all important information instantly without any issues or delays.

(10) Joining Many Contests And Creating Many Teams

By participating in many contests and creating many teams, you will always be in a position to win something. Even if you don’t manage to win anything, by just being involved in as many leagues as possible, you will certainly increase your chances of winning a prize. So join as many contests as possible and create multiple teams.

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Wrap Up!

This post will give you a quick overview of what key features are available in Fantasy Cricket and how it will work for you. Whether you want to play for fun or for real money, check out our quickly coming CrypTech Sixer app that has all the above features of the Fantasy Cricket app.