Mr. Mayank Tater 06, Jul 2022

“Bazball is real” 

“Bazball is crazyyy!!!” 

“It will change the way Test cricket is played.”

These are some lines we have been hearing and reading for the past couple of days. 

The term is everywhere. It is trending on social media, the cricket experts and commentators on-air are talking about it, and the whole English cricket circuit is excited and buzzing about it.

Well, what is Bazball?

The term Bazball is derived from the nickname of New Zealand legend cricketer and current England coach Brendon McCullum; Baz

Bazball refers to the fearless approach of batting in Test cricket. It is English cricket’s new and different brand that involves an aggressive and attacking mindset. 

It is a testament to the fact of how Brendon McCullum played his cricket and similar to how England has played in the last 4 Test matches of their home summer after the appointment of coach Baz McCullum.

England’s team has made a decision to chase in Test cricket and come what may, they will back themselves to chase any target in the 4th innings no matter how much it is. 

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England Captain Ben Stokes mentioned after the win on the historic chase, “Don’t know where (the line) it is. There was a bit of me that almost wanted them to get 450, to see what we’d do. I said yesterday after we finished the day’s play, look at how teams will be viewing us at the moment, that third innings now has become a fourth innings – because they have to concentrate on how we’re going to play, and they are worried about that.’’ to Sky Sports, as reported by Espncricinfo.

The statement speaks volumes about the confidence the England team had then to chase in the 4th innings. 


Brendon McCullum is a former wicket-keeper batsman who played and captained New Zealand for many years. Brendon is known for scoring quickly and attacking from the word go. His ‘attack is the best form of defense’ approach has earned him great laurels throughout his playing career and now coaching.
  • He holds the record for the fastest century in Test cricket.
  • He also scored the first century in IPL on the very first night of the tournament back in 2008 and lighted up the tournament.

All said and done, the Bazball approach comes with a lot of risks and would look ugly when it fails and things go south. But the positive approach and clear intent definitely creates a lot of impact and puts the opposition far behind the game.

The Bazball era has begun. It is ruthless and here to stay.  It has opened a vast ocean of opportunities in Test cricket.